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Waze Is a Maps/Navigation App Used by Over 90 Million Consumers in the US

Every minute, there are over 7 navigations to car dealers via WAZE, and every 5 minutes there are over 56 searches for vehicle service centers on the App. If you don’t take advantage of WAZE advertising, you run the risk of having your customers get directions to your competitors’ showrooms and service lanes, instead of your own.

With the WAZE app, dealers have a number of different advertising opportunities to put their brands in front of consumers at the moment they’re looking to drive to someone’s lot. The ad formats available in WAZE are as follows:

  • Branded Pins – Basically an In-App billboard branding your store when users search for a local dealer.
  • Zero-Speed Takeovers – Reach drivers when their attention is highest with WAZE’s highest impact ad format.
  • Search Promotion – Your brand is eligible to show at the top of search results when users search for relevant brand or dealer term.

WAZE is one of the most impactful, and cost effective, ways to reach consumers using native apps on their mobile devices. Call us up today to learn how WAZE can help put your store back on the map!

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